About Chaise Lounge

Who Am I?

My name is Anna Lynch and I am excited to have you here! From healthcare to economics to politics, I cover issues with an eye toward how they affect women. No matter how you identify on the gender spectrum, it is important to understand the players and history behind decisions that affect our lives. My goal is to provide my readers with information and insight into issues they care about but might not have the time to delve into on their own.

I am a career-long special education teacher who discovered upon my retirement that I like to write. Who knew? I have written for Women AdvaNCe, a variety of publications on Medium, and Rewire News Group.

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Why Chaise Lounge?

I chose the title Chaise Lounge for the newsletter because of the feminine connotations of the “fainting couch”. I want my readers to reclaim the proverbial fainting couch and turn it into a place of learning and connection around issues important to them. So while you are reading, please make sure to make yourself comfortable and reach out to other readers and myself. We are better together!

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