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August 2022

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July 2022

A combination of Medicaid red tape and patriarchal attitudes get in the way
Maternity ward closures, Catholic overtake of hospital systems, and abortion bans create a perfect storm for maternal mortality rates to rise

June 2022

Welcome back to Chaise Lounge! As we wait with bated breath for the Supreme Court’s decision on Dobbs v. Jackson, CL will take a look at a variety of…
Male doctors pushed midwives and women out of the delivery room

May 2022

Congress Passes Bill Funding Research into Minority Health Disparities Listen now (9 min) | Let's hope they focus on maternal mortality
Years of avoidance has led us to where we are today

April 2022

Bureaucracies and Politicians Make Name Changes Political FodderListen now (10 min) | Things to consider before changing your name
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March 2022

Investing in Women's Health is Big BusinessListen now (7 min) | No longer an afterthought, women's health companies are booming