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What Do the Stats Tell Us?

Sexism Among Doctors Quantified

The Insanity of a "How To" Guide for Avoiding a Public Shooter

Hot Takes on the Supreme Court Abortion Arguments

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The Menopause-Alzheimer's Connection and What You Can Do About It

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Do Americans Really Care About Caring?

Do Americans Really Care About Caring?

Women Across the World Need to Take a (Mental) Load Off

Mental Load - Take a load off here

The Free Lunch Debate is About So Much More

Testing Sexual Assault Kits Is Not Always a Path to Justice

We Cannot Let This Be The End of Roe

Asking for Ray Roseberry: Is Health Care Accessibility the Key to Uniting the Country?

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Andrew Cuomo: Gaslighter Extraordinaire

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Why the Child Care Business Model is Unsustainable

Virtual Meetings: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

How a Lack of Data and Patriarchal Attitudes Intersect to Undermine Women’s Health Care

The Urgency of Reinventing the Post-Game Interview

You Are Not Alone in Miscarriage

What Actually Happens In Your Body When You Have a Miscarriage?

When a Friend Has a Miscarriage: What You Need to Know

To Mask Or Not To Mask: The Question of the Future

Why Rape Crisis Centers are Fighting for Their Own Existence

Global Action on Period Poverty: Fix this bloody mess

Why Paying Carers a Living Wage Make Economic Sense

Breast Reconstruction and the Patriarchy: When Surgeons Ignore Patient Wishes

We are Back to Bathroom Bills

Big Pharma: Choosing Profits Over Life Because They Can

Women in Science: Keep Pushing those Boundaries

Why the Global Gag Rule Must Go

Thank the Universe for These Women!

What the Doctor Didn't Tell Me

Getting doctors to warn us about side effects

Getting Women Past the Pandemic Finish Line

Solving Cases of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Visibility is Key to Solving the Issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

ERA Redux: Will It Pass in 2021?

"Promising Young Woman": Seeking Revenge May Be Dangerous

Economic Recovery Plans Must Center Women's Employment

Dear Meghan McCain